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      Notice Carbott PharmTech   

               Carbott Pharmtech Inc. is located at Yantai, a beautify seaside city ofShandong Province. Yantai Carbott mainly focus on sales, research anddevelopment for pharmaceutical intermediates by custom synthesis and custommanufacture. Carbott has set a close relationship with Yantai University and ShanghaiInstitute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Science, Yantai Branch.        Bycontinuous investment on R&D, Carbott now has built up its advancedtechnology for Quinazolines, pyrimidines, indoles and other products.        Carbottwill uphold business philosophy of environment friendly and togethe....


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      CPHI Korea 2016- Seoul Stand  F39 Aug 23-25,2016
      CPHI Korea 2016- Seoul Stand  F39 Aug 23-25,2016